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Who are we?

Ruchers Cayor is a modern tropical beekeeping company headquartered in Dakar, Senegal.

Main activities :

  • Training in tropical beekeeping
  • Trade in apiaries
  • Recovery of bee swarms in homes in town and in the countryside
  • Conference and presentation on bees and services.
  • The school apiaries for practical sessions are located in Mbao located 20 km from Dakar and Thiès which is 68 km from Dakar.


    Colonel Boubacar DEMBELE,

    Hardware Engineer, Computer Engineer (CNAM), Electronics Engineer, Former Director of Armed Forces, Former Inspector of Services and Logistics at the General Inspectorate of the Armed Forces, Entomologist, Apiculturist, Director of Ruchers Kayor.

    Honey Harvester in 1975, with various trips abroad, he discovered modern beekeeping in France and Spain in 1978. His first hive, a Dadant body with a rise and wooden frames with wire, worked, but he did not have the logistics that goes with this method.

    The horizontal hive in wood or cement (Vautier) with frames in "top bar" allowed me to choose a simple and profitable method for the bee "adansonii" of the tropical zone.


    He set himelf the goals of developing the most appropriate policies and strategies, so that apiculture, which is a branch of agriculture, is considered a profession in Senegal.

    Also it becomes necessary to implement all actions that could lead us to:

    · Create non-salaried jobs

    · Convert the honey harvester into a true specialist in modern beekeeping.

    · Develop a network of environmentally friendly apicultural micro enterprises

    · Contribute to the reforestation of forests in connection with the various actors in this area while promoting the promotion of honey plants and trees.

    · Have farmers of all levels take into account a beekeeping program which becomes for them a supplementary activity, which can improve yields with better pollination of their crops.

    · Develop a specialized marketing channel for all products of the hive.

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